Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leaving Nairobi, on to Kisii, Etago

"Where's triple-A when you need them?"

Hello from the road to Etago,

Yesterday was to have been an "off" day in Nairobi. We don't like off days when there is so much that needs doing, so we were happy to arrange a visit to an area congregation on short notice. Paul Njihia, a lay leader of his congregation in Kangari, drove us there and back in order to meet with the people there. It was great to leave the bustle and dirt of the city behind, and to head north into the rural tea growing country. It is high, green country, with valleys and hills that are all stepped for growing tea leaves.

Beautiful Tea-growing country

About 75 people were gathered together, singing as we entered. Russ gave his children's presentation, and Pastor Mayhew preached. Then the leader looked to me -- I guess they wanted TWO sermons. After my talk and a hymn, it looked like they wanted more yet, but we drew it to close. We the met with the church elders to talk about teachings that are distinctly Lutheran. They readily receive whatever is shown to them from the Bible, though some things are new to some of them. They then treated us to a fine dinner of chicken, rice, cabbage and other veg, local fruits, and chapati, which is sort of a wheat tortilla (or, you could say it was like wheat lefse, if you prefer).

Karangi Congregation

We have packed various books along, including some used catechisms. We gave one to Shadrach, the young waiter at our hotel in Nairobi. We had gotten to know him because we compelled him to play the 4th hand for our game of hearts one evening. By the next morning, we found that he was sharing it with some of the other staff.

While on our 6-hour trip to Etago, our car (a Toyota Corolla) suffered a flat tire. The spare got us into town for lunch, while our intrepid driver, Charles, went to get the tube fixed. Yes, the tube -- which most cars use because of poor road conditions here.

The next post will feature news of the AIDS orphan school in Etago. In Christ, Pastors B. & N., and Russ


Anonymous said...

Habri yako
I am enjoying your blog. It is good to see the pictures and read about the trip. Everything looks and sounds familiar. According to the picture at the hotel in Nairobi, it looks like you stayed at the Kenya comfort suites. Did you have the conference in your suite?
I look forward to following your trip. Mungu Awabaiki safari

Loren Hansen

Anonymous said...

Very encouraging reports. Can't remember the last time we asked for another sermon in the same service. Lord be with you.

Anonymous said...

Jambo Bruce, Nathanael, and Russ
Are you traveling each day to the Zonic Hotel in Kissi, or staying in Etago? Last year they thought they would soon have electricity in Etago, do they have electricity yet? I would like to be with you guys now. Greet everyone for me. Asante sana for all you are doing on behalf of the CLC. Nzuri leo, nzuri safari. Kwaheri.
Loren Hansen